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did not want. this matters, obama care affects one- sixths of the u.s. economy. not to mention your own economy. why is going off line again. >> one of the nation's busiest airports is in the seen. >> it is like a dream. it was not real. it was so intense and not normal to hear that. >> the attack like this tests our resolve and who we are and respond. the line of fire and recovery. >> in moments, the now evidence that the killer may have had a specific target in mind. and a city's response in the face of tragedy becomes a point of national pride for all of us and celebrating boston strong. i am harris faulkner. down again. that is linking americans to health care exchanges will go off line in a few hours from now. the site will be down for an extended fix. something that the website sorely needs. it is plagued since day one. you can count the number of successful enrollments on hand. and memos from the obama administration show that six people managed to sign up the first day the website went live. the administration is promising a tech surge will fix
care market, 1/6 of our economy, we will have nowhere else to go. >> we have the government fails, they'll just get more money to fail even more. and you know, getting back to rick's point about, he's talking about catastrophic needs for health care. >> exactly. >> that's what the market can fix very easily in terms of cancer and heart disease. we could buy catastrophic insurance very easily and very inexpensive precisely because it's far more rare. you've got to let the markets in. what rick is doing and it's very naive is going to remove that market force from -- and it's going to make it very more expensive and very more difficult for people to get it when they most need it. >> rick? >> let me tell you what's naive, john. i can respond to each one of your arguments if i had the time by our friend david here told us about his knee surgery and how you can go about shopping for them online. you tell me, david, look me in the camera there and tell me you would have picked your knee surgeon based on price. you wouldn't have. you would not have priced. you would have shopped for the best.
shop owner said she was surprised by a january 31st deadline to get out. >> the economy, the economy is feeling better so i checked out different type of shopper and so there is going to be variety. some people heave and some people come. >> it's all good. >> reporter: they are moving ahead with the plans before getting approvals but a city spokesperson declined to comment. victoria secret is moving out. it seems they want to make the area not only the retail shopping center of the east bay but the luxury shopping center as well. within the span of one block you can find an neiman marcus and apple store. they know the approvals are coming. just a few weeks ago, a congressional act water resources reform and development act gave walnut creek control of the culvert needed for the expansion. they have 20 years to complete their plan. . >>> president obama will be back in the bay area at end of the month. he's scheduled to appear at the san fransisco jazz center on november 21st for a committee fundraiser. >>> a weekend shutdown. i.t. experts went in to try to fix the glitches to fix the
.s. economy. to give away on the margin everything for nothing it's just can't work. connell: let's talk about the economics of it for a second. the conversation we had, in terms of advising the president, and the other for mitt romney. the argument is look at what mitt romney worked on in massachusetts, it works. >> i don't think it does work very well in massachusetts. it is one state with one set of policies. that i don't think makes sense, but at least it is just one state. when you are combining hawaii with alaska. you've got all these diversions and what people want. you cannot make them all happy. that is why the market works so very well, they are transparent, people can design what they want. and people have a right to be wrong. they have a right to not get enough insurance or get too much insurance. dagen: i think people like free better than choice. if you look at "the new york times" today, a large piece of millions of people could get their premiums completely covered if they take the lower-cost plan just by the subsidy. that is a lot of winners for people not having to pay out-of
concerns the strong ism, good news for the economy, concerns the fed might start tapering as early as december. take a look at interest rate. the ten-year yield has been moving up the last several days. moving up again today as you saw, moved up around 1:00 as we heard news of the shooting. today the market much more defensive tone. you have utilities and health care stocks among the leaders. guys, back to you. >> thank you, bob. we'll be checking back. as we proceed on "closing bell" today. >> certainly an interesting day. we'll be following the developments out of l.a.x. the markets are about to close in about half an hour. with that much time to go, about 15,606 on the dow. the s&p up by just four points. >> much more on the shooting at l.a.x. as we continue our coverage for this friday. ♪ ♪ hey [ male announcer ] when we built the cadillac ats from the ground up, to be the world's best sports sedan... ♪ ...people noticed. ♪ something like a phenomenon, baby ♪ ♪ you're something like a phenomenon ♪ [ male announcer ] the cadillac ats, 2013 north american car of the
's father said he talked to his son last week, who complained about the state of the economy. he did not have a job. he's been living in los angeles for about a year. he got his driver's license nine months ago. boat state and local officials say they have no trouble from paul ciancia. they're at a loss to explain why a 23-year-old who apparently didn't fly much would be so angry at the tsa, alex. >> is this going to change tsa policy? it's my understanding the agents are not armed. >> they're not armed. we haven't heard from tsa about that. i doubt that it will. in most airports there are armed tsa. they come in close contact with members of the public. they don't want to have that image of somebody who is scary and potentially a threat. they don't have that kind of training as well. they've obviously been aware of this threat from the beginning. but i heard no discussion that they should change the training or they are considering it. >> lax terminal 3 is still closed. >> correct. >> do we know how long it will be closed for? >> no, we don't. i don't expect it will be closed long.
. if the economy can get along, you can add 2.6 and get a home mortgage at 4.6 they're not about to give away anything on the bond market. i think that's why rates have stayed, other than when politicians messed things around in the middle of october, we're sitting at 2.6 and i think so the bond market says, we're not going any lower than this. >> we saw a pretty good spike last week. people were worried last week but there's always a cap. >> i think the cap is if this economy can adjust and move homes, which we're not forming households we're off about 300,000 in terms of hos hold formation. if we can get household formation back, we'll see progress. i think rates -- the bond market is saying we're not going anywhere. you can't talk us down any more fed chair. we see the rates coming. we know they're rising. >> what do you think? >> just given where how much rates rose on the threat of taper, that i don't think janet yellen, if she is, in fact elected as fed chair, is going to go anywhere close to pulling back too quickly. she's going to error on the side of being sl
in ransom money. a study by the u.n. and the world bank says the piracy cost the global economy $18 billion. pirates use the money to pay for crime, including human and weapons trafficking and funding militias. >> the immediate closure of a mine in a town after 92 people women and children died of thirst trying to cross the sahara desert. traffickers who transport people through niger will be severely punished. >> an unofficial referendum to decide the future of abeyei has done little to clarify the position of the region. sudan and south sudan has claims on the oil-rich territory. 99.4% of people - mainly from the ngok dinka tribe voted in favour of joining the south. a rival group boycotted the vote. the result is not recognised by either government. al jazeera's peter greste reports on the difficulties of running abeyei. >>. >> number four, you have recognition which is important. ... >> this is abeyei's new state government. a local committee meeting under a tree. these are the people who organised the unofficial referendum among the ngok dinka. they voted 99.9% to reject sudan, and ins
of shopping space. it may be good for the economy but not the shops forced out because of the changes, don? >> reporter: anyone who shops here knows this is a great shopping mall. >> reporter: people are shopping taking little notice of the public hearing signs tied to the lampposts. more on the master plan that will see 300,000 square feet add to the shopping area. that is good news for shoppers. this couple comes here from danville. >> the variety of shops that are offered, the outdoor feel. >> neiman marcus, nordstrom, macy's, all of the above. >> reporter: making changes with new construction where 100 shops stand. the shops have to vacate by early next year according to the "times." one shop owner says he was surprised by a january 31st deadline to get out. >> the economy is getting better. so, i checked out a different type of spot. there will be some variety. it is all good. >> not good for the store. >> reporter: one store owner says they are moving ahead with the plans before getting approvals. a city spokesperson declined to comment. victoria secret already moved. it seems th
owner tells the business times she was surprised by a january 31st deadline to get out. >> the economy is right, the economy is getting better. checking out different top -- attracting different types of shoppers. some leave, some come. >> all good. >> unless you are a store owner. >> that is true. >> a store owner says they have been moving ahead with the plans before getting approvals. the city's spokesperson declined to comment. >> reporter: victoria secrets moved waiting in a space vacated by a small shop. they are on board to make the area the retail shopping center of the east bay but the luxury shopping center as well. within the span of 1 block, shoppers can find a neiman marcus, tiffaniya apple store and pottery barn. the pace it is moving suggests they know the approvals are coming. just a few weeks ago according to the times, an act, the water resource reform act gave walnut creek control of the colvert needed for the expansion. they offered the city of walnut creek $5 million in exchange for the development agreement that gives them 20 years to complete their plan,. >> rep
and again and again that they're willing to hijack the entire party and the country and the economy and grind progress to an absolute halt if they don't get 100% of what they want. if you especially brace the v e politics that led to the shutdown, voters in virginia, they understand that that is for the how you fwofrn. govern and move america forward. >> the latest "washington post" poll shows mcauliffe leading cuccinelli by 12 points. >>> toronto's embattled mayor says if the police chief has video of him smoking crack, bring it, prove it. speaking on his radio show yesterday, mayor ford struck a defiant tone vowing to stay the course in office. still he apologized for mistakes saying, quote, i just got to maybe slow down a little bit on my drinking. he demandeded the police chief foe public with the video. he says the city should be able to judge for itself. arriving at the radio station sunday, he chose an interesting song to blair out of his car. ♪ staying alive, staying alive. >> cocking do rocking to the bee gees, he seems went to do just that. >> i have made mistakes and al
is the most regulated area virtually of the entire economy. in other words, you don't just get on the back of the truck and start selling insurance policies. they have to go through very rigid local, state regulations. so the president blaming insurance companies here, i think that really hurt him when he went there. >> i do think both of you are right in terms of the credibility problem. i don't think we see that yet in the data. the new kaiser poll released today, more americans want to keep or expand. or go back to the status quo we had before obama care. so the numbers actually don't add up yet. but this is a long time, right? unless they fix this in a short amount of time and people can experience it in a way that is positive, those numbers will go down. but here is another number. 97% of americans are unaffected by this disastrous roll-out. that's according to jonathan gruber, an m.i.t. economist. >> and barack obama. >> i understand. we've had gruber on here. these stories are awful. they don't really add up. >> that assumes you're not including the employer-based insurance. >> well
teaching entrepreneurship, it was a great economy. now everybody's excited about entreprene entrepreneurship that we started twentysome years ago. we are inundated every day by someone at some capacity calling us, wanting help in their exist businesses, wanting to start their business. >> jerome spends a great deal of time helping people realize their dreams. he has a special focus on helping people living in urban areas impacted by the vicious cycle of violence. he recalls how violence hit his family while living in detroit. his own son was among several teens that was shot while attending a fireworks celebration. >> that's the greatest shock you can ever get, that your son has been shot for no reason. >> jerome says the blood stained t-shirt that his son was wearing the night he got shot. >> i want to use this to stand up to tell parents to never think this isn't going to happen to them, that aren't doing anything, to go out and save our young people, that are looking to our young people, and i communicate to them this can happen to you. >> jerome and his wife launched the
into the future because as the economy starts to recover, interest rates will start to come back up and the fastest growing component of the federal budget will not be social security, medicare, medicaid but paying the interest of that accumulated debt of $17 trillion. that's the concern that we have. not so much the deficit, income, that's good and positive, but the long-term risk that we are faced with accumulation of debt. host: i want you to focus on paul ryan and his history on working in these efforts. he was part of the simpson- bowles commission, but voted against it and wasn't part of that supercommittee effort. how do democrats see him as they are entering negotiations? do they prefer him versus john boehner to work with in these negotiations? guest: i have to point out that chairman ryan was a fellow staffer with me in the united states senate when he worked for a senator in wisconsin and we worked together on the senate budget committee. yes. i think chairman ryan, he definitely has a conservative focus in terms of controlling spending. he has a definite outlook that we
to watch the data to make sure that the shutdown and the fiscal battles are not hurting the economy. one of our fed speakers today, president of the federal reserve bank of michigan who is an inflation hawk and opposes quantitative easing said that for him personally it looks like lever force conditions have improved significantly since the latest round of quantitative easing in september of last year. it sounds like you would support tapering as soon as the next meeting, which is in december. but his colleague, james bullard, president of the st. louis for reserve said, the fed also wants reassurance that any progress made in labor markets will stake. they feel that in the past and the reduced quantitative easing they pulled the plug to send and at least the second round which helped to slow down economic growth. now, we did see one important indicator released today, the institute for supply management survey of manufacturers much fun factory activity actually was up slightly in october put -- a decline in part about a concern about the shutdown but it looks like it has not had the fac
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and again that they're willing to hijack the entire party and the country and the economy and grind progress to absolute halt if they don't get a hundred percent of what they want. now this snts just speculation. we just saw it last month. here, in virginia, you felt the pain of the first government shutdown in 17 years. >> now, what's interesting about president obama's remarks, is that he didn't mention obama care at all. now, on the other side of the aisle, republicans have been trying to hammer all democrats over obama care and ken cuccinelli has been campaigning with a number of high-profile americans and talking about that. and ken cuccinelli says if you like obama care, you should vote now. democrats say that they've been leading in the polls and terry mcauliffe has led every single pole in this case since july. they think that their side works and they plan on circulating some of those videos saying just that on wednesday morning, should he win. don? >> well, we are see webds morning. fresh off of her snl job, kerry washington is out on the trail, as well, right? >> she was. and that
through employer, and that means that we are putting more downward pressure on the economy. gerri: okay. i want to show you a couple at the folks from kaiser. 80 percent of americans rate federal implementation of obamacare negatively. 80 percent. 80 percent say it is not going well. westwood. >> well, that means that only 20 percent of americans are diluted enough to think that things are going okay in spite of the obvious facts. damaging to the presidentelt damaging to the democrats. in the next election, the midterm election next year are likely to see an uphill struggle unless a miracle occurs and they solve their problems very, very quickly. gerri: more importantly a disaster for individual americans who might never thought they could get some good deal on the exchange. thank you for cing on. appreciate your time. >> thanks. gerri: but obamacare is dismal start is not going to stop the embattled health and human services sectary gates to from touting it. hitting the road again, this time in memphis, tennessee. >> reporter: good evening. hhs secretary kathleen sebelius and the obama ad
the budget, around the economy not producing enough jobs and increasing wages . i think the president will have to pivot back to the middle east. i think if these three big ones can continue to show improvement, i think he'll have a strong second term. i don't know that we'll see him be diminished in the public eye. >> how do you take control? >> well, i think this is wit onf those issues that the only thing that will make this better is competency not stubbornness. the president keeps articulating that he believes in the health reform plan, and unless they can get on top of it they're not going to be able to change that perception. >> there is a reality of promises made and promises broken. you served in two administrations, both president'presidentsbush. how do you keep promises kept. >> the first president obama never recovered from the no new tax pledge that was, in fact, broken. and the president president obama had a missed opportunity with the supreme court nominee, and then hurricane katrina did not work out in the way we would have wanted it to work out from a response perspe
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important than getting things right in washington. affordable care, we're talking about 1/5 of our economy. certainly there are other important issues and we're working on those. we're having to subpoena documents, get documents from contractors because the secretary and the president won't cooperate, yeah, it will occupy a lot of my birthday but it is worthwhile for the american people. jenna: we understand that you subpoenaed those documents from the health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius. we look forward to checking back in with you. thanks for spending part of your day with us. >> thank you, jenna. jon: for more on the political fallout on all this, i'm joined by monica crowley a familiar face here and fox news contribute to, author of the what the bleep just happened. with us simon rosenberg, former clinton advisor and president and founder of ndn. simon, what about it? six people on the first day, at least according to those notes from the rollout in the war room there? is this, do you fear this is going to be damaging to either your president or your party? >> no beca
that they are willing to hijack the entire party and the country and the economy and grind progress to an absolute halt if they don't get 100% of what they want. if you embrace the very politics that led to this shutdown, i guarantee you it's not in the rear view mirror of voters in virginia they remember. they understand that that is not how you govern and that is not how you move america forward. >> cuccinelli's campaign predicted president obama's visit would energize be republican voters outraged over the obama care rollout exchanges. terry mcauliffe leads cuccinelli by 12 points. >> that's a big gap. >> that's massive. >> we'll see. okay. are we going to go to toronto or should we wait until little center i think we'll do it after the break. you all haven't been that well behaved. >> let's smoke. >> no. let's not. that's bad. >> help me out, willie. >> terry wins this race. christie wins this race. does it mean anything? >> it's a case study. ken cuccinelli has run a tough, hard right campaign. he put out a book questioning social security, medicare. he's been a flame thrower. he called bob mcdonn
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costs the global economy $18 billion a year. pirates use the money to fund crime around the world, including human trafficking, arms trafficking and funding militias. >> two supporters of greece's farr right golden dawn have been killed. it happened in the athens suburb of neo iraklio, outside a gulf cooperation council party -- a golden dawn party office. a greek spokesman promised all involved will be punished. >> translation: the murderers, whoever they are will be dealt fairly. >> more from our correspondent in athens. >> counterterrorism police scour the the street outside golden dawn's office, including a dozen bullet casings. two gunmen fired the rounds into the heads and chest of three golden dawn supporters sitting at the building's entrance. golden dawn says footage shows the gunman arriving on a motorcycle, firing at close range, emptying the magazine into their bodies. all of greece's political parties condemned the killings. golden dawn calls them a terrorist attack. >> translation: it was clearly an execution. the person who did this was a professional. the terroris
from administration scandals and back to the economy. >> our deficits are getting smaller, not bigger. on my watch they are falling at the fastest pace in 60 years. so that gives us room to fix our long-term debt problems without sticking it to the young or undermining benefit, retirement or cutting basic research that helps us grow. >> the last time the federal government ran a surplus was back in 2001. >> if you are one of the 14 million americans who has been paying for your own insurance, there's a chance it may be chancedly. mark schneider tells us why. >> erin cox is a self-employed skin care therapist, wife and mother of two with the same insurance policy the past couple of years. she was happy until she found out she was losing it. >> i was shocked. i don't think i was clear or maybe the president was not completely transparent on what was going to happen with our current plans. i had no plan on changing. >> erin doesn't have her letter at the salon. that's okay. i have mine. i go in the mid-september from my providering saying come december 31st, my health care plan will no l
they say is under cutting them. but the economy has take an knock recently. just a week ago there were violent clashes with the police, rubber bullets were fired. tear gas was fired. protesters hurled missiles at the police. there were several injuries. president hollande backtracked and suspended th the tax for further talks. they've been promised more state aid but they're still not happy. the speeches being made here just before a big march of voicing that anger. >> thathat was in france. >>> child brides are all too common in yemen. childrenned a young as eight are forced into marriage to men. but outlawing the tradition will not be easy. >> reporter: then nora was 11 years old she was forced to marry a man who was 45. she suffered years of physical and psychological abuse. today she is a leading activist fighting to ban child marriages. >> i was an innocent child. i was poor. so when they got me new clothes i felt great happiness. but everything changed. my husband was an alcoholic. the first time he took off his clothes you can imagine what happened to a child. >>> she fled her a
. but the economy generally has taken a knock recently, and the focus of the protesters being on this ecotax. just a week ago there were violent clashes with the police. tear gas was fired. there were several injuries. a couple of days later franÇois hollande backtracked. protesters feel they have the initiative. they want him to go further and scrap it all together. they have been promised more state aid, but they're still not happy. they're here in a big march voicing that anger. >> up from the ashes, after the wildfire, coming up, sowing the seeds of a new generation of resilient plants. i is >> the pakistani government has summoned the u.s. ambassador. they want answers about the attack that killed hakimullah mehsud. three others were also killed. the u.sthe mehsud is suspected f planning th attacks four years . pakistan is condemning the drone attacks saying this violates their sovereignty. >>> paul ciancio took a rifle to lax and started shooting. he was shot and taken into custody. >>> edward snowdon contractor is being recruited as a witness inquiry into angela merkel's cell phone. >>> se
and again, he wasn't telling the truth. >> romney went on to say the economy has stalled, and the u.s. has lost international credibility since president obama was re-elected. >>> the tea party movement has members of the g.o.p. now taking sides. we go to alabama where a special election shows the true republican divide. >> as the sun sets on the water that defines mobile, alabama, they get to work trying to win the soul of the republican party. >> i've been a fan of dee young's for a long, long time. >> he calls himself a true believer, of the conservative faction, the tea party. >> a country that god can look down on and say i'm proud of this country, but right now i don't think he's doing that. i don't think he's proud of the way we have conducted business. >> reporter: he's campaigning outside of a debate for this man, candidate dean young, promising to change washington with confrontation. >> i can tell you right now that barack obama does not want me to go to washington because we don't have a lot in common. there won't be a lot of bipartisanship unless these guys come to our way of
, even if the economy goes through another severe down turn. there was no down turn for stocks friday. investors kept the positivity flowing. the dow climbed today to 15615. the s & p 500 was better by 5 and the nasdaq was better by three. >>> twitter starts trading thursday. it faces skeptical investors. the associated press cnbc poll shows 36% of americans believe buying stock in the seven-year- old short messaging service would be a good investment. 47% disagree. the poll also finds one in five americans currently have a twitter account. >>> honda is recalling 344,000 odyssey mini vans for a sensor issue. the automaker says the problem could cause the vehicle to break on its own. the recall includes mini vans from the 2011-2008 model years. the fix is installing a new sensor but the sense sores are not available until 2014. until then handa -- the sensors are not available until 2014. until then honda is asking the vehicles be started with their vehicles facing straight ahead. >>> drivers could get an early holiday present at the gas pump. oil supplies are near a record high. some
the economy. the city hopes to turn it's unemployed into a dedicated force to along along the railroad over the next decade and beyond. you're looking at the first group of trainees in this program. many here have spent their lives working odd jobs, now they'll learn tools of the trade for a permanent career. >> i was out of work, raising my little daughters. i'm a single father, so this opportunity is exciting for me for the possibility. >> reporter: even though you wouldn't expect to welcome the project have put the greater good above personal interest. the printing business will make way for the tracks. >> my family is all here. we all grew up here. so i have a lot of fondness for the area. i would like to see it progress, though. this is an opportunity for us to do just that. >> reporter: but most residents remain skeptical. this is a conservative enclave in a generally were you state. people here distrust big government. >> we have labo other issues tht start with water. to go from thwart high speed rail. >> none of these projects, government projects are within budget. believe me this
, but jump start the economy. >> the city hopes to turn it's unemployed into a dedicated force to work along the rail road along the next decade and beyond. you are looking at the first group of trainees in the program. many have spent their lives working odd jobs, and now they'll learn skills, the tools of the trade for a permanent career. >> beforehand nothing - i was out of work, just raising my three daughters. i'm a single father, for this opportunity it's exciting. >> even those you wouldn't expect to welcome the project have put the greater could above personal interests. jack's printing business will make way for the tracks. >> my family are here, we grew up here. i have a lot of fondness for the area. i'd like to see it progress though. this is an opportunity to do just that. >> but most residents remain skeptical. this conservative enclave in a generally blue state. people here distrust big government. >> we have bigger issues, such as water. from water to high-speed rail - it doesn't... . >> none of the projects - government projects they are are within budget. this is a lot of co
human trafficking, guns and militias. now the report said piracy cost the global economy $18 billion because it increases prices on trade. those who finance the pirates get up to 75% of the revenue and pirates only get a fraction of the $1 million ransom. we spoke more about this. a professor of african studies, he said besides kidnapping and looting ships, the plundering of the areas natural resources. >> there are the ransom pirates that are the criminals that everyone has been looking at, and then there are those pirates who have taken ten times of the ransom pirates. the fish and resource pirates who come from japan, korea, india and portugal and others have also taken from that coast. if the ran sam pirates have $1 billion. resource pirates have taken up to $15 billion. and they do not have the resources to deal with those resource pirates. >> draft resolution doesn't name a specific country, u.n. diplomats believe it is aimed at the u.s. which has suffered recent embarrassment over its global spies techniques. >>> accusing twitter of attacking his account as part of a right win
're currently in that phase. how do you make a city thrive and survive in today's economy with all of the challenges that the economy has today? what do you think the key to success of a city is? >> has to be open to everybody. diverse population makes a big difference. the city has to have a spirit and reason people want to go there and live there. one of the problems with washington, d.c. is everybody lives there but they look out. they never think they're going to stay there for the rest of their lives. always waiting to go home. new york city or other great cities people want to come there. and today there are more people that are moving to new york city than leaving for the first time in decades. we have more tourists than ever before. more people have jobs than ever before. and that creates a dynamic place where the best and brightest want to be. and if the best and brightest want to be there, they'll create and generate a tax base so that you can take care of the less fortunate but the real key and it's not popular thing to say but you have to have the wherewithal. these peo
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of explaining stuff when he needs stuff to understand the economy and why the country is going in the right direction. so president obama in the end despite what this book says and i think some of this is true, i think in the end though, i think president obama did value clinton's input as did his campaign. >> how does he walk this kind of stuff back? or does he not need to because he doesn't need president clinton anymore. >>> i think going forward, what's important is how bill clinton and president obama play in 2016, if hillary clinton gets in the race, what happens to joe biden? that's obviously touchy there. i think president obama will be pretty supportive of hillary clinton goes and biden chooses not to. if they both go, that will be awkward. >> new topic with house and senate negotiators rather set on -- rather they met wednesday. lawmakers working right now to pass a temporary budget before the unone expires on january 15th. any sense from the white house whether it's going to turn into another 11th hour fight, lauren. >> i think one of the things we're seeing from this is that the
and again and again that they are willing to hijack the entire party and the country and the economy and grant progress to an absolute halt if they don't get 100% of what they want. >> reporter: he is leading in the polls, there is a governor race in new jersey where they will decide to reelect chris christie. romney is slamming president obama over the affordable care act and on nbc he is unhappy with the similar law that romney signed when he was governor of massachusetts. >> in massachusetts we phased in the requirements so that there was a slow roll out, that way you could test the systems as you went along to make sure there wouldn't be glitches and the most important lesson the president failed to learn was you have to tell the american people the truth. and when he told the american people that you could keep your health insurance if you wanted to keep that plan, period, he said that time and again. >> right. >> he wasn't telling the truth. >> reporter: romney said the economy stalled and u.s. lost international credibility since the president was e elected. the senate will
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